You must have heard about the turnkey project if you have ever been in any conversation related to construction. It’s very widely used project work in the field of construction but you must arrive with a question on what does turnkey project exactly means?


Here, you will be knowing everything about the turnkey project and how you can have it-


What is a turnkey project?

Turnkey project is a project that is based on a fixed price. It is a kind of contract between a client and the company that is involved in the turnkey project. In simple language, you can say that it’s a work that is done on a fixed price by a particular company/firm. Yeah, I know this sounds slightly similar to the trunk of the elephant but don’t worry, it’s concept is not as bigger as that.


Let’s be taking an example to breakdown its function and process. Suppose that, you want to convert your home into an office and you want someone to do it for you and you are ready to pay the estimated money but you want your work to be done on time and in the desired way. So this is called a turnkey project because you want all the things to be done in one place by one person/company.


Here, you will need to contact a company that can do all these things (from beginning to end) for you without your involvement in that. So here, you must be looking for a trustworthy firm or company and as soon as you find it, you will handover the project and this is called the contract of the project that you are delegating to that company who will do everything for you. Home interior, hotel/restaurant ambiance, commercial stores, offices, and other enterprise related interior work is done in a turnkey project.

This is all about what is the turnkey project.

turnkey project
turnkey project

Stages in the turnkey project

as there are so many tasks done in the turnkey project, it is divided into multiple stages-



Any project related to construction always needs a design because it is the first step towards the construction.



Before starting the construction work, a complete review of the blueprint and design is taken to ensure that everything is well organized and clear. Some changes are also made if needed because it is the final step of the paper related work.



Here comes the main step where the desired tasks are done by the person who has taken the contract. The contractor is responsible for everything that happens and the real skill of the contractor or you can say project manager shows up.



Nowhere, the final step where the contractor delivers the project to the client with all the formalities and paperwork. This is where the contract gets to an end if the project is done in the desired way.

This is how a turnkey project is done.

If you are a person who wants any construction-related transformation done then you must go for a genuine company where you can get your project done in a legit way cause you might not be knowing about the complete things that are done for the constructional transformation so it’s pretty obvious that you will look for a legit contractor for the turnkey project of your asset.


You should be looking for a company/firm who has the following capabilities to do a turnkey project because this is all required-

  • The company must have a good history.
  • The company should be certified as well as well established.
  • The employees in the company should be well experienced and trustworthy.
  • The company must have involved in the tasks related to a turnkey project.
  • The contractor of the company should be enough experienced to execute the project.
  • The company should be indigenous to avoid uncertainty.
  • The company should be flexible as well as compatible with your budget because different clients have different budgets for their projects.

These are the qualities that a company must-have.


You can easily trust the company that has all these things because there’s nothing beyond it needed. You should get your project done by such a company because it will also take care of your budget that is probably a big factor in the turnkey projects.


Now if you are looking for one, you must be up with a question where can you find a company which has such qualities so that you c trust that.


Here is a company that has been involved in all the things that are mentioned above and the name of the company is Shiv Shakti Enterprises which is established in Mumbai and has been in the construction-related tasks for a long time.

turnkey project


If you are looking for a legit company that you can trust blindly then you got at the right place because Shiv Shakti Enterprises is that company. If you want a turnkey project done of your asset then you should get in touch with this company. This company holds the impeccable record in this field in Mumbai and you should consider it the final destination for your project.


You can simply handover your project along with your budget as this company is also budget flexible. With a legit certification, this company has been in this field for years and has a clean history. You can avail of their service in no time whenever you want as they are so quick to get to the work. They will also handover you the key of your project in the desired period of time.


One of the best things is that they are based on the same place you want your work done at and this is good for you to avoid any sort of uncertainty. They will work the same way you wish your work gets done.

So this was the answer to your questions about-


  1. What is a turnkey project?
  2. How and what work is done under a turnkey project?
  3. Which is the best company to get your turnkey project done? 

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