It is a contract under which a firm agrees to fully design, construct and equip manufacturing / Business / Service facility and turn the project over to the purchaser when ready for operation. For a client/owner it means – you hand the project to these professionals for the construction period and ‘turn the key’ for the finished product. These are the stages we follow to execute Turnkey Project.

1. Design Stage:
Involvement of the clients, designing professional team and the SHIV SHAKTI ENTERPRISES team is high where they establish all of the prerequisites. There is a brief cost and budget layout during this phase to ascertain the final fixed price.. A lot of contract signing and meetings take place here to finalize the intent and the design of the building/ space. For example; interior construction for a call centre of a reputed mobile service company

2. Pre-construction Stage:
The handing over of the ‘turnkey’ contract occurs at this stage. The SHIV SHAKTI ENTERPRISES takes up the responsibility for breaking down the cost estimates and delineate the project schedule.

The Pre construction phase ends with the job-site ready for mobilization.

3. Construction Stage:
This is where the real skill of SHIV SHAKTI ENTERPRISES comes in play: Display the designs and execute them to the best of their efficiency, thereby cutting down on unnecessary material wastes, unproductive labor hours and unplanned cost overruns. Timing is everything for us in this stage and parallel activities have to be well crafted to conduct an efficient job-site.

4. Project Close-Out and Delivery:
This involves the winding up of the job-site at the end of the construction phase. This is where the utilities are signed off on and the preparation for documentation (close-out documents) happens. The delivery ends with handing over the key to the client along with the bills and other important documents

Areas in which SHIV SHAKTI ENTERPRISES provides turnkey service:-

  • Restaurant
  • Office
  • Corporate
  • Residence