What is a Residential Interior?

The residential interior design is a kind of design that professional interior designers do to make a home/house living-friendly. This kind of interior design is quite a demand because everyone wants to live in a place where things are well managed and safe, and beautiful, which comes under residential interior design.

The residential interior designing is also done in the big buildings that have the flats to make them live worthy cause many people come to see flats/homes and look for the facility, attractiveness, and advancements and many other things and then ultimately decide to live there.

The interior design is an integral part of the architecture, and many kinds of occupants are used. Decorative rules are followed to make the homes elegant as well as luxurious.

Basically, the residential interior designing is done to make the homes/houses aesthetically appealing. The better budget you put, the better interior you get for your home. Still, many more advanced things are done under this kind of design.

Different kind of interior designing is done for different kind of homes. Many residential interior design variations depend upon the budget you have made, and this is what you must keep in your mind while choosing to get your home designed.

Residential interior design is usually done in houses and flats. The ones who do this work are known as residential interior designers. They possess years of experience that they put into their work to create the great interior design for such premises.


residential interior
residential interior

Why hire an Interior Designer


We all know that to get something perfect, we must be perfect or hire someone perfect in that particular field. The same thing applies here in interior design.

To get a high quality, astonishing, designed home, you will need to hire someone who has mastered the field of designing. Here are the points that let you know why you should be hiring an interior designer for the interior designing work-


  • They have years of experience, enabling them to get the best of the work done in a given period.
  • They know about the tactics of interior designing, such as where to start and where to finish.
  • They know about the props used for the designing purpose, and basically, they have it.
  • They know well which kind of design suits what kind of premise/residence. Different kinds of props are used for different kinds of homes, and they are so used to such tactics.
  • They have a great skill of giving the design to the home with proper alignment, which enables them to avoid silly and big mistakes that is obvious to be made if a newbie does it.


So these are the 5 potential reasons why to hire an interior designer to get the job done. It will ensure the cost of hiring them, but it gives you the best results that your home deserves. If you do these things yourself, you may make mistakes that may incur a higher cost.

So better hire one rather than doing it yourself.


residential interior
residential interior


What is Vaastu designing, and what is the actual way to get it done?


The Vaastu Shastra is not done only to fulfill the religious belief, but it has good reasons to have it in your home.

The Vaastu designing looks so elegant and is widely used in homes and flats. Vaastu Shastra makes us live in concordance with nature’s five central parts: Earth, eater, fire, air, and space. It also defines where should your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom be established.

Generally, it is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India. The Indian subcontinent texts describe the design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangements, and spatial geometry. These things bring happiness and prosperity to the home as it is known. It brings positive energy and vibes to your home and keeps the negativity away from it.


How to make your home Vaastu friendly (Things to take into account while designing your home)-


  • Ensure the house’s main entrance door and the back door is not aligned on the same line. They should be aligned differently.
  • Avoid constructing the staircase opposite the entrance door. It may make you put a little bit more effort, but it is important to follow this principle of Vaastu.
  • Make sure your bathroom is not built just above the entrance. The positive energy comes from your home entrance, and the bathroom has the draining energy, which collapses with positive energy. So make sure you take it into account.


What directions should the rooms face, according to Vaastu Sastra?


  • Kitchen- Should be placed in the south-east direction of the home.
  • Master Bedroom- The master bedroom should be built in the south-west direction.
  • Kids room- Your children’s room is supposed to be built in the south-west direction of the house.. Make sure they sleep with their head towards the south or east.
  • Toilet- The toilet/bathroom is supposed to be located in the west or north-west direction, according to the Vaastu.


These are the main things that must be done. Your home follows the principles of the Vaastu if you do this. Most interior designers know these things. You may get someone who has good knowledge about it.



So this was all about what is Residential interior designing. You should be taking each of these things into account if while going for these things. The information given is legit, so make sure you choose the steps wisely regarding hiring someone to do the designing work for you.

If you do not know how to get the Vastu designing done, you can learn about it. It will make things easier for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-
  1. Can we design our home ourselves?
  2. You can do it, but it has higher chances of incurring so much cost that you would never want to happen.


  1. Does residential interior designers cost higher?
  2. It depends upon what is your budget. They may negotiate.


  1. Should we do Vaastu Designing?
  2. It is known for bringing positivity as well as property to your home. You may choose to go for it.


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