1. If you have knowledge about manufacturing-related stuff then you must have heard about metal fabrication. Here, you will also get to know about the best metal fabricator in Mumbai.

Metal fabrication is the process of giving shape to metal for use. This involves many step such as cutting, bending, assembling, and finishing. Metal is needed probably everywhere in the work of manufacturing and metal fabrication is what required to make them usable.

The metal goes through sawing or shearing in the cutting step then they go through the bending process in which force and pressure is applied to the metal to configure its structure and finally they are washed and painted in the last step that is finishing.

It involves machines such as rolling machine, cutting torches, chops, saws, etc. This is how metal fabrication is done.

All these things are done by different experts as it requires a perfectionist. After being through all of the steps, these metals are made available in the market.

There are many things apart from the metal that is fabricated. Metal fabrication is taken in use the most and that’s why it is being discussed here.

Difference between fabrication and manufacturing-

Many people are confused between fabrication and manufacturing but there’s nothing chaotic between both the terms.

Manufacturing means to create something by working on that. Let’s be taking the example of the metal itself. Metal manufacturing means the reformation of the metal for use and that is done when metal goes through many steps. It also requires a machine to produce it and usually it is done on a large scale.

In other words, it is a complete process of converting raw materials into a finished product.

Fabrication means the production of any particular thing by assembling different things. It is a complete process of assembling the standardized parts to make something usable.

Let’s understand with an example. Suppose that a company sells the parts of the phone such as the battery, screen, software and other company who is making the phone is assembling these parts to produce a phone.

So here, that company is fabricating the phone not manufacturing it. If the same company produces each and every material and assemble then it will be known as manufacturing. This is a quite suitable example of fabrication.

metal fabrication
metal fabrication

Now here, let’s understand the metal fabrication in depth-

We already got to know about what is metal fabrication? Giving a structure to metal by getting it through many steps is called metal fabrication. Here, you will know about metal fabrication equipment.

Metal fabrication equipment are those types of equipment that are used to fabricate and assemble metal products. These equipment pieces assist in fabricating and installing the final product including gates, doors, beams, rails, and other structured materials.

There are many types of equipment to ease the process of cutting, bending, assembling, etc. Some of them including-

  • Drilling machine- to make a hole
  • Milling machine- to cut the metal in the shape
  • Grinding machine- to grind the metal
  • Welding machine- to join metals together
  • Bending machine- to bend the metal on an angle
  • Pressing machine- to produce the pressure on the metal (Hydraulic machines)


Well, nowadays, many companies have adopted the advanced machinery system to get work done fast. The advanced form of these machines helps in saving time and work even more perfectly.

Well, we need a metal fabrication expert to create something that we want and for that, we need a genuine and experienced one.

Here are some qualities that a fabricator must possess-

  • He should be able to check the quality of the metal.
  • He should be well experienced and able to work efficiently.
  • He must have the models of the earlier crafted stuff so that you can handover the task without any risk.
  • He should be using the precautions to avoid the uncertainties.

metal fabrication

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